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Our Zero-Fee Processing Program is a True Game Changer by Empowering Both the Merchants and Their Customers

Just like how gas stations offer a payment choice between cash and card payment, Von Payments specializes in helping merchants get set up with the same dual pricing payment model. By switching with us, your customers can now choose at checkout whether to pay in cash or use their cards for convenience and tap into their cash back rewards.

By enrolling in this payment program, merchants can shift processing fees into a convenience fee to their customers. Take advantage of this widely adopted payment processing method and receive up to 100% of your total monthly processing revenue. Our program is transparent, robust, easily deployed, and fully compliant in all 50 states.


Reduce Your Cost on All Card Types

As a business owner, we can help you eliminate paying for the convenience fee of processing cards. By offering a dual pricing program to your customers, they can elect to pay in cash at no charge or pay using credit and debit card for a small convenience fee. By using this program, you can potentially slash all processing costs and see the money roll in right away.

Easy to Implement – Easy to Use

Getting started with zero fee processing is super easy with Von Payments, and does not cost you a thing. Our turnkey POS terminals come installed with software that is intuitive and easy to learn, ready to process out of the box. Merchants say it's super easy to use and their customers rarely ever need any explanation on how dual pricing works. The terminals have built in dual pricing so you never have to calculate the difference between cash and debit/credit card pricing.


Eliminate Processing Costs Wherever You’re Located

Whether you’re a brick and mortar store, restaurant, online store, B2B or on the go, we can help you with Zero-Fee processing as we offer both physical and virtual terminals equipped with this technology. You will also have the peace of mind when processing credit cards knowing that Von Payment’s Zero-Fee Card Acceptance is approved by the regulatory counsel and all major card brands, and is fully compliant in all 50 states.

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